Call for Papers

Submissions Deadline: 15/06/2015 (Extended!).

The EWGORAFM, EWGSP and EWGSSC invites you to participate in the Workshop on Optimization Under Uncertainty in Agriculture and Agrifood Industry, which will be hosted at the Universitat de Lleida, Lleida (Spain) from July 27th to 29th, 2015.

Follow the 'Important Dates' on the right to know the main deadlines

Submissions may include, among others, the following topics

- Risk Management in Math Optim under uncertainty
- Two-stage and multi-stage environments
- Expected Value (EV), Expected result of Expected Value (EEV) and Value of Stochastic Solution (VSS)
- Scenario generation and analysis
- Risk Neutral strategy
- Risk averse strategies. Motivation
- Algorithmic approaches. Exact and inextact decomposition

All of them related to Agriculture and Agrifood insdustry , but also Forestry, Food Industry, Fisheries and Natural Resources in general:

- Production planning
- Supply chain management
- Sustainable Supply Chains
- Supply Chain Management Optimisation
- Supply Chain coordination and logistics
- Farm management
- Water resources management
- Replacement of production units
- Crop planning adrotation
- Forecasting and scenario generation
- Livestock and fresh vegetables routing problems
- Facility location and supply chain design
- Parallel computing for on-line applications
- Development of DSS for solving large stochastic optimization problems in practice
- Sustainable production and healthier diets

Contributors are requested to use the submision form below:

Please submit a no more than 600 words abstract
3-4 keywords, comma separated