1 Tactical Planning of Purchase and Storage in Processed Fruit Industry through Optimization Models
2 Sugarcane Whole Chain Planning System: An Approach Based on the Advanced Planning Systems (APS)
3 A two-stage stochastic model applied to a management zone delineation problem under uncertainty
4 A Dietary Burden Calculation under Uncertainty
5 Parallelization of the Cluster Benders Decomposition algorithm for two-stage stochastic linear problems
6 Mathematical modeling under uncertainty for supply chain of sugar cane in Cuba
7 Sustainability analysis of agricultural system in Huapra - Perú, with representative indicators
8 Comparative study between the parallelization of Cluster Benders Decomposition and the parallelization of Lagrange Decomposition applied in stochastic discrete models
9 Two-stage stochastic model for a real instance in a pig production system
10 Land cover change and deforestation in Gazetted Maji Mazuri forest, Kenya

Invited Abdel Lisser: Introduction to Stochastic programming
Invited Laureano Escudero: On endogenous uncertainty versus exogenous one in mathematical optimization under uncertainty